Love is often an awakening. At least it was for me, since I approached rope bondage to please my partner.

It was back in 1990 when I tried Shibari for the first time, helped by a few pictures and a lot of imagination. While the relationship with that partner came to an end, my passion for Shibari didn’t. On the contrary, it thrived. Since then, I have become a rigger and a rope bondage teacher. I also fulfilled my dream and became an artist.

In 2004, teaching rope bondage turned into my second job. There weren’t many Shibari teachers in Italy at the time. So, I opened my first Dojo in Rome and started to promote my work. Obviously, before taking the risk and turning my passion into a profession, I studied. Since 2001, I have hit the books. And back then I was also keeping track of the first porn videos published online. In 2010 I decided to take a plane to London. I got to know several people through their photos, and now I wanted to meet them in person. That’s how I understood that you can learn a lot not only from what you hear, but also from what you see. Since then, I have never stopped travelling, to learn and to test myself. In 2015, I found my path. I went to Tokyo and I became Sensei Yukimura Haruki’s student. Thanks to my dear teacher, my approach to Shibari and Kinbaku changed. I followed his lead and learned a new way of tying, where emotions and senses play a major role. I found out that rope can tie bodies, but it can also tie souls. I worked hard, and in 2016 I became a Certified Yukimura Ryu Instructor.

I love teaching. I don’t want you to merely learn my way of tying. I am going to teach you the ropes and safety rules, but I also want you to be free to express yourself. I like travelling, and I wanted my school to travel with me. That’s why I now have studios in Pavia, Bologna, Padua, Turin and Milan, where I teach monthly. I also hosted major artists, like Bingo, Otonawa, Ropemaeks and Yoi Yoshida. This way, I am giving my students the chance to see other ways of tying, even if they can’t travel.

During my career as Maestro BD, I worked not only in Italy, but also in New York, Berlin, Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Stockhom and, in 2019, Beijing. There, I performed, taught, held conferences about Shibari and BDSM. I am proud of what I built. Thanks to my associates and supporters, Shibari Dojo is still growing in Italy. Moreover, I wrote a Bondage Manual, available in Italian and English. I published some Shibari photography books, and organized expositions, events and performances.