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Sexuality festival

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It is an experiencing path about sexuality and self discovery, which aims to fight against one’s daily cages, in order to be freer, more confident, more aware and more sensitive. And, more skilled in giving emotions and sensations.

Steps range from rebirth through clay to how to get involved in an org. How to use your hands as tools of pleasure and pain. Understanding what being polyamorymeans

Two evening parties. One will be a private one, reserved to the event attendants and one will be open to the general public.


This event will span on 3 days, from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th August. There will be theoretical and practical workshops concerning on sexuality, polyamory, BDSM, sensations and emotions exploration.
As said there will be two evening parties and free use of the whole location, indoors and outdoors.


A villa in the vicinity of Bologna.
This villa is a 480 sq. m. biulding with a garden and a secluded wood also that large.
Two main rooms will contain the workshops. Five suspension devices (two are outdoors) for those interested in tieing up.
There will be a full equipped dungeon: St Andrews’ crosses, faldstools, a segregation cell, gynecological bed. Several bathrooms are available and equipped with two hydromassage pools and an emotional shower .
Patios and sunbeds are available outdoors for sun soakers. A gym with threadmill, cyclette, rowing machine, elliptical bike, weights and inversion bench.

The entire location and the event itslelf is sex and nudity welcome.

Partecipants will receive the precise address. The location is 30 minutes driving from Bologna Central Train Station and 30 minuts from Highway A14 – San Lazzaro exit. 20 minuts away from Sasso Marconi exit on the A1 highway. 30 minutes away from the highway Bologna / Padova Arcoveggio.
10 minutes away from Piano train station. Public trasponstation is available every 30 minuts from Bologna Central train station.


(this list will be updated in the following weeks. Keep tracking this event on fb to get the complete list of workshop and lecturers)


Morning muscle awakening

“modesty invented clothes in order to better taste nudity” (Carlo Dossi)

An intense yoga and stretching session will empower our bodies and will prepare them for our daily “chores”

No clothes of any kind are allowed during training. Trainig will be held outdoors in order to get the feelig of what surronds us and our bodies will be free to express one’s beauty.


“And God made the man from clay, and He blew through his nostrils a breath of life and the man became a living soul” (Genesis 1-5)

Being the Creator, being the Creation. A rebirth experience through dust, through the white and through the sensation of one’s skin coming alive.

A matchmaking in which someone will be covered in clay, which is really sense deprivating. The one who will be covered will abandon him/herself and will concentrate on the inside of things. The one who will be doing the covering will experience being the creation of a masterpiece.

Nudity is encoraged for whom will be covered. Clay and tools are not toxic.

Lift your hands

“Sometimes I look at my hands and I think to all the stories are inside them. The things they saw and how the eyes can’t really tell”

Hand sare the ultimate tool we have, they are always with us and are extremely versatile.
They are a perfect tool: they can hit, choke, pull, push and sneak in almost everywhere. They can be sweet or cruel, light or heavy like an ironsmith hammer. They know how to give pleasure and pain in an extremely accurate way.

In this workshop we want to discover how to use our own hands to play, either as a verberatory tool as well as a stimulator, replacing any king of commercial device.

Losing all 5 senses.

“Our senses are actually doors and windows open to the world. They represent the focal points of creativity” (Jean Houston).

We get in contact with the world through our 5 senses. All our emotions come through them, either making love as well as in a kink practice.

In this workshop we want to study the infinite possibilities of sensorial depivation, ranging from blidfoldind to tact disabling.

The over abundance of inputs we get every day is causing importance of feeling fade. We rediscover our senses through a couples path aiming to let us pay attention to the inside of us.
We will find out how our brains is cheated by senses and how we can cheat them. We will find out our sixth sense.


“one can be in love with several people at once, and with everyone with the same pain, without cheating on anyone, our hearth has more rooms than a brothel” (Love in The Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Can we love more than one person at once without cheating on anyone?

Can we embrace two bodies feeling their differences and accepting their diversity?
Can we be jealous and at the same time let out partners be completely free?

Walking on the path of ethical “non – monogamy” we will try to give an answer two these questions, in order to find out if polyamory is based on the wish to be a complete being and how deep is the push to love the others and ourselves.


“The sinner heard and didn’t hide
but he pushed his soul toward me
and he blushed”
(Inferno XXIV, Dante Alighieri)
(Dante will forgime me for the poor translation..”
Shame is a so powerful feeling that makes us behave like kids being reprimanded in school of by a parent.
It is a human feeling which is based on our culture and our memories.
But, it is also a powerful aphrodisiac that can fuel up our fantasies.

We will learn how to cope with shame related to our sexuality, through experiments and exercices. We will learn to canalize it to give us pleasure. We will not be ashamed to be full of desire.

Introduction to orgy

“ … the hidden meaning of ritual orgy was: fusion of all things, abolition of all limits, sospension of any “form”, any distance, any discrimination.”
(Mircea Eliade, The Mith of Reintegration)

An orgy is the occasion to let our senses go free, in which one can drown, float, get lost.
In orderto get all of this a participant must be respectul, aware and must know his/her way around the practices.
A participant should not have an attitude of insensitivity, ignorance and selfishness: this would lead to a really tragicomic experience.

We long to lower our boundaries and get near to anyone else, and tend to realize our whishes and our emotions.
Introduction to Orgy is a theoretical and practical workshop dealing with how to prepare to an orgy, higienical rules and how to deal with “no” as an answer. We will set shared rules and we will try them out.

Nudity is favored but not mandatory. An open mind is necessary. Respect is compulsory.

Workshops content will be updated in the following weeks. Follow this page to get a full list.


Davide La Greca
Davide “MaestroBD” La Greca is a connoisseur of BDSM and Shibari, with 25 years of experience as a teacher and an enthusiast.
He studied in Japan and in all Europe. He belongs to the “Yukimura Ryu”, a particular strain of Shibari specialixed in the emotional and sensual side of this fine art.
Please, check his website .

Mauro Lacqua
Since when he was a kid he was an ethusiast of figurative arts and learnt how to paint thanks to the encounter with his mentor: Mimmo Canonico. The latter told Mauro about his life, about landcapes and about his endogenous longing. He studied at the Civical School of Visual Arts in Pavia. He met Monica Anselmi, an artist who feels art as a vocation, who taught him how to use different kinds of cement-like materials. His works of art have been exposed in Bejing, Paris, Lisboa and several Italian towns. Critics have always been well inclined to recognize his skills.

Pat Foster

Pat Foster is a Shibari enthusiast since a long time ago. He is a rope model, a rigger and a selfsupender. He is a pupil of Davide La Greca and he partecipated in several events. He trained his body in order to enhance pleasure, resilience and self concience.

1st Party

This party is reserved only to the workshop attendants. It is intended to be intimate and a continuation of the workshop itself. Party will be on from 9 pm of August, 17.

The 2nd party is open to anyone. None the less, it is compulsory to book in advance because spots are limited. Cost is 20€.


The price per person for the entire experiencing path is 200€. This sum covers entry to all workshops, the two parties, four meals (from the dinner of Friday to the lunch of Sunday, beverages included – but not booze!), free access to the entire location and the dungeon.

This cost DOES NOT include overnight charge. Those who want to sleep in the villa have the following options:

4 bed room: 25€ for both nights, homemade breakfast included. Rooms will be available from Friday at 2 p.m. and must be cleared at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Barracks accomodation/ tent.
It is possible to sleep anywhere in the villa or setup a tent outdoors. Cost is 10€ for both nights, homemade breakfast included.
But any space which is going to be used for the workshop must be cleared up whithin 10 a.m. every morning. Every night after the end of activities, parties included, they can be used for sleeping again.


A parking lot will be available not far from the villa and a shuttle service will be provided.


Full payment must be done on booking. It is not reimbursable unless the event is canceled.
The only method accepted is PayPal.
When booking it is necessary to state:
– overnight arrangement;
– need for vegetarian food


If you want to participate to Live Positive, please, contact Lucio Pat Foster

or send an email to

Translation Max J. Johnson


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